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    Are you arguing that farming raid consumables for hours makes raiding? The raid itself is the part. Like Tea says, people with wow classic gold time can make from selling to folks who have to buy tokens and do not have any time, WoW Classic Gold. It is rather straightforward. With BoE’s being worn by a few people, and they bought with token WoW Classic Gold will not’ruin’ the game. Raider’s will have exclusive access to the vast bulk of the things that are best.

    This is the character of the beast. Sure it would be wonderful to play with folks across the world. But if we start begging Activision for modifications…The problem is that Activision has proven they can not be trusted to create good decisions concerning new content. And what makes it worse is that Activision still believes that a lot of these modifications are great; no matter how they have screwed up the game and reduced subscriptions from over ten million to probably over two million.

    They simply do not know what is great for gamers. The very first Blizzard staff did; but Activision simply does not.If Activision actually succeeds to readers asking for”quality of lifestyle modifications”, the moment they accept one changethey will start to accept other men and women. Believe me, even in the event that you give them one inch, they will take a mile. And the game will be destroyed in no time. By way of instance, enabling players to play with folks from other countries won’t Effect game mechanisms. As I mentioned above, they do not understand how to gold in wow classic make excellent choices.

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